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    B7 S4 Timing Chains Progress

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    Started doing this a little over a month ago. I have only been doing it maybe 1-2 days a week because of work but man has this process been a great deal of knowledge and fun. Iíve learned this car inside and out and have loved every second of it. I used Joey Cucarroís motor pull diy to get the engine out but the timing has mainly been done off of any info I can find on the internet.

    Also I am working in a tiny ass garage lol so itís been really tough.

    From the start:

    Bumper/radiator off and hoses disconnected:

    I couldnít stand how dirty the front of the motor was so I scrubbed it after work every day for a few hours:

    Trying to get the cv axle off the passenger side I stripped a bolt... I have no idea how I got the thing off but you can tell I hated my life just by looking at the bolt lol.

    Motor finally free of the car and in the air:

    Motor and trans completely out and on my little homemade carts:

    This is what I like to call the ďtangle of hellĒ. So much going on in the back of the motor:

    The back of the motor free of all the pipes and wires and the trans disconnected:

    Empty engine bay:

    Timing covers off:

    One of the broken guides:

    Another broken guide:

    This one was completely broken:

    This one was cracked all the way through on the back side:

    All new guides, tensioners, and hardware.

    I didnít take a pic because I forgot, but I pulled apart both cam adjusters to check for wallowing and I was surprised to see that they were hardly worn at all.

    I cleaned the timing covers today and this is as far as I have gotten:

    I am hoping to have the timing covers sealed as well as the motor and trans bolted back up together by the end of tomorrow. I will update on progress but it has been a slow process for me being that itís my first time doing something like this!

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    Awesome work. Did you have a how to guide for removing the engine?

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    joey.ward i have to say your a better man than me i picked up a RS6 4.2tt to do a swap in my 03 Passat and was thinking about doing the timing myself cause ive done a few vr6s in my day and now after seeing your work an the back of the motor i dont have the room or enough no how on 4.2s to take on a job like this at lease with out someones help. Lol So good job so far look forward to you finishing it up and i think i'll be posting a thread looking for someone in my area i could pay to take on my timing job lol


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