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    Quote Originally Posted by dredog1984 View Post
    Just finished my install of these calipers and wanted to share a couple of extra notes.

    1. I've been following this thread since almost the get and do not remember anyone ever mentioning that the new calipers have two bleeder valves. I bled them both multiple times after install. I'm wondering if maybe some of you that were complaining about pedal feel did not see or use the other bleeder.
    2. Either I do need to bleed them a couple of additional times or the EBC Yellow Stuff pads really don't have as good cold bite as a less aggressive pad because I do have additional pedal travel before I get the braking force I expect.
    3. Pic below, but for the 1 other person out there that might be running 18" Enkei RPF1's on their B8 S4 on the track, the wheels clear the caliper just fine.
    4. I used the stock S4 brake splash shields, just took some tin snips to them to remove about 2 inches from both sides!

    Keep Bleeding!

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    Appreciate it. Will give it another go soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by j23a45m View Post
    The bleed process is your only issue with the pedal feel!

    I used red stuff pads and Rbf660 fluid

    My pedal feels exactly the same before I did the swap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcjim View Post
    Keep Bleeding!

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    Yea. Cycle through the ABS procedure with VCDS if you think air got into the ABS system. Bleed. Wait a couple weeks and bleed again. Then bleed one more time.

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