Hello all,
Wife just picked up a certified 2016 TTS (with MMI Navigation Plus). What a great car and all works perfectly except that there is something strange happening with media connection via Bluetooth.
The phones we have are Androids: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3. Latest firmware etc and they both work well in my Jag F-Pace (phone, media, streaming, ....).
They pair just fine in TTS with all features enabled (call audio, media audio, contacts and call logs, message access: all are on).
Both Androids work perfectly OK as phones in TTS.
Only Samsung works as Bluetooth media (Pandora, podcasts, internally stored tunes, ...). At one moment this stopped working too; just big Bluetooth logo displayed on TTS virtual cockpit while in Media mode and phone had to be un-paired and re-paired for Media Bluetooth to start working again.
LG G3 shows being connected as Media Bluetooth device but a message is displayed "Searching for known Bluetooth audio players. This can take a few minutes. Please wait..." I have waited as long as 10 minutes with no effect. There is an option "Connect Bluetooth audio player". When selected my LG G3 shows as connected (with Bluetooth logo). When I select it again I get a brief display of all Bluetooth features being enabled and then back to the "Searching for known Bluetooth audio players ...." message.
I tried pairing my LG G3 in any possible way (from TTS, from my phone) with always the same result.
Googling this topic gives me an idea that I am not alone having such issue but I have not found any solution. Someone mentioned updating MMI's Bluetooth drivers. Heck, should not this be part of vehicle's overall software update? I tried to find out my version of MMI but am unable to find it.
LG G3 is listed on compatibility list for both Bluetooth Audio as well as and USB adapter cable as Music Interfaces (I have not tried yet USB cable - back to 20th century?)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.