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    2003 a4 3.0 misfires. Anyone actually fixed it?

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    Iíve seen on these threads where someone has posted all their codes and talked about the misfires. A bunch of people talk about it could be this or it could be that. Does anyone have any examples that they did X or Y and it fixed it the problem? It seems that the posters all say they changed the plugs, coil packs and such with no luck. Anyone have a success story they can share? Thanks in advance!

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    I had random misfires that would come and go. The best I could potentially replicate the issue was after a high RPM run. One day I happened to have Torque running when my car started misfiring and it was running quite lean, AFRs 15-16+. A few days later I logged my car on a 2nd-3rd gear WOT run and noticed the one bank was running leaner than the other. A few months later, I changed it the fuel pump, injectors, and fuel filter. I haven't had any issues with misfires since. I was at about 180-185k miles on the original pump and injectors at that point.

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    Check your coil connectors to see if pins have backed out of the housings. If not making contact that would cause misfires at random if there rattled out of positions

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