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    OEM Audi wheels that will fit?

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    I'm looking for a set of rims to mount some all seasons to run in the winter, and would love to know what factory rims would fit our vehicles. I'm seeing a lot of good deals on excellent condition used wheels on the forum, but am concerned about offset and caliper clearance. I have the standard steel brakes and I'm looking to mount a square setup of either 235 or 245 width tires. I really like the look of either of the 19" wheels on the current S3's, the 19" 5-V-spoke wheels on the current S4, the 19" 5-spoke-cavo wheels from the current S5, as well as a few other Audi options. If any 18's would fit, that would be better IMO. Any help would be most appreciated, thanks!
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    Unfortunately, nobody really knows for sure yet. It's a try it out and see type thing at the moment, especially with 18".

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    Have a look at some of the TTRS threads. There are a few oem 18s that they can run.

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    Do a search on here. A few months back, someone mentioned getting a set of RS7 (might have been S7) wheels that fit. However, I looked into them and the best price I could find for new stock was about $500 and good quality used was about $350. For that price, I was happy to buy the Neuspeed wheels.

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    If you can find a set of 2013 A4 sline rims RS4 style 19/8.5 ET43 squarefit work with no issues. Should be able to find a set pretty cheap
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