The community here has been great and I'm in one respect depressed that I am likely leaving. Time flew by and I've loved my car for the 3 years I've owned it. That said, I have an itch and I took it about as far as I'm comfy with the mods I've thrown at it. Catalysts are on the chopping block thanks to the dual pulley and I know that but I am not sure I want to stick it out replacing them and putting the additional money towards it just yet. Did I say I'm going to really miss the power?

I've been shopping everything from SUV's to sedans with thoughts that I'm very likely going to lease this next vehicle as I'm set on adding a new car to the family for my wife and another for my son and will likely after then having 3 perhaps 4 vehicles in my driveway get an itch for a true sports car once again. I miss my Vette and it's been 7 years and I'm due for another mid life crisis with one.

I think I've found my next ride and of all the vehicles I've driven and I've been in a lot. Last night I found a great deal on a 2018 Infinity Q5 Red Sport with AWD. 2018 has some really nice refreshes and while it's not perfect, neither is the S4 yet it is by far as of today one of the best values out there. I own my S4 so all that equity is going towards the two new cars mentioned above and I can still get a short term lease on the Red for far less than anything else out there.

Anyone shopping or looking to compare I have lots of opinions and feedback on what's out there. The parting feedback is the S4 platform is awesome for what it is and the mods available on such a long standing platform are great and completely transform the car. I tell people all the time, even if I were to invest another $2k+ into repairs and additional items, the vehicle is still a great value. I can't think of another car like ours that offers the ameneties, AWD and can run mid 11's for so cheap. Even from a roll she surprises and hangs with cars that cost much more.

All that said I am looking forward to the additional benefits a new 2018 offers. Some of the safety and convenience features are pretty awesome and well worth it. Yes there are some trade offs and again, it's not a perfect car, but the value is strong and power is still very much there especially while at speed. She certainly won't take a back seat to many even in stock form and if I do get the itch to mod, I am pretty certain a tune is out there to wake up the turbos even if it's just a little.

Anyway, I know I lot of folks here hate members after they decide to move on but I owed everyone another post as I've met with a dozen or more members and learned a lot. I'll still likely be involved in the forums and especially on the detailing forum still. I'm about 95% sold and hope to have things worked out late next week either way. Until then, fire away with thoughts, questions and yeah even a few jabs I'm sure.

Thanks all!