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    2006 Audi S4 Timing problems...

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    2006 Audi S4 4.2 (SOLVED!!!)

    There use to be start up rattles for me, but never were severe enough to concern me. Then I started to hear this rattle when the car was being driven and you could easily hear it when driving. The sounds while driving around were a constant chain slap/knock that followed through the RPMís. So I decided to pull the motor and trans. Separated everything and pulled all of the electrical out of the way. Got the timing covers off the rear of the engine. Everything was going great. Until I went to unbolt the cam adjuster in Bank 2 (drivers side) and the cam locking bar fell out causing the camshafts to rotate while the crank was in TDC. I hurried and pulled out the crank lock and tried to readjust the timing by rotating the hex heads to get the cam lock bar back into position to hold the cams. I need advice on how to fix this, any input would really help. Iím hoping it not to bad, but I am expecting the worst. How can I retime Bank 2 to all of the other banks?

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    Hey joey.ward, saw your other post putting the motor back together, etc. I'm assuming you figured out your issue with the bank 2 cam coming loose. How exactly did you make sure your cam was back in correct timing with everything else? Did you use any other tricks besides just lining the timing marks back up? Do you know how many cam rotations equal one crank rotation? How many rotations of the crank make a full cycle?

    My s4 is going to roll 120k soon, and with no confirmation whether the timing was actually done or not, I know it's inevitable I'm gunna have to inspect the motor and most likely replace some parts. No way can i bring myself to pay 5k+ to have the timing done for me, so here I am asking for some advice. My only fear is exactly what happened to you here.

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