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    LED lightbar connection

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    hi Peeps,

    Could anyone advise me if i want to connect my LED light bar to high beam wires so bar goes on same time i flick on high beam, can i just piggytail a connector to the 2 wires at the back of the globe or or where do i fing the "HOT" wire to connect to. Also will there be any 'Error' messages on screen once connected.
    Checked a lot of YouTube vids but none of audi installation, just vids showing of the bar and where mounted.

    Cheers from A4 B8 Avant driver from Australia

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    I just installed the Jetstyle Illuminated Audi badge on my A6 & had to figure out how to wire it. I wanted it to turn on and off with my DRLís that were selectable via the MMI car menu. I used the wiring diagram for my car at to identify the color of the DRL hot wire, as well as the ground wire. Then I simply used a couple of those crimp connectors that let you splice into a connection without completely cutting the wire, easy as that.

    Iím not sure what kind of components that are involved with your light bar, or the current that it draws, but if it is only positive + and a Ground wire to connect it, I think you could follow the same general idea, except identify your high beam wire instead of the DRL.

    I forgot to mention, in my case I do not get any error codes on my dash from splicing into the DRLs. I canít imagine you would get any error codes either, as long as you splice into the connection that plugs into your headlamp (in my case a 14 pin connector)

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