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Thread: Exhaust layout.

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    Exhaust layout.

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    Hey guys, so first off I hope this is the right spot to ask about custom exhaust fabricating. I currently have a 3.2 A6 with the rear mufflers and al resonators removed. Its sounds good. Loud as hell. And burbly. But a little raspy at times. I want a deeper "bellow" sound. So this is what I had planned for next spring.. 3inch piping from the cats back, into single chamber muffler. No X pipe. Keeping the H. Would the increase diameter and some minimal muffler make the intended note that I want? I just want insight in someone who knows exhaust technology better than I do. Thanks.

    - Onise

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    Some things to consider.

    Piping diameter. 3 inch will give you a much deeper tone than lets say 2.25 inch. However, on your naturally aspirated motor going more than 3 inch doesn't make sense since you will loose low end torque.
    Resonator vs muffler. A resonator and muffler blow bring noise level down. But, a muffler usually bounces sound waves around in chambers while a resonator has fiberglass which quiets the tone.

    I think your best course of action would be to run a straight through resonator, with 3 inch piping. This allows for the greatest noise without loosing performance gain due to restriction. A resonator would also get rid of the rasp or ricer sound you often hear. I personally have this setup on my 2.0 turbo. Yes its loud but it doesn't have a crappy ricer sound to it.

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    I have a 3.2 A4 and I have first resonator left intact, secondary resonator box deleted, factory h pipe left, and rear mufflers replaced with magnaflow. Search my threads to find sound clips
    Looking for someone for a quick photoshop request PM me if you can help with a quick job


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