Recently purchased a 2018 S4 which had the Audi port installed film.

When I took the car home it was at night so I didn't get to see a good amount of the flaws this film kit has.

Listed below is what's currently on my vehicle:

- Audi Paint Protection: Front Bumper
- Audi Paint Protection: Partial Hood & Fenders
- Audi Paint Protection: Rear Load Sill/Door Cups

Upon inspection of the vehicle in the morning I found numerous of stretch marks, corners lifting, fender and hood lines not matching, edges not covered, & quality of film has already made the paint finish extremely dull. You can tell this kit is the lowest of the lowest 3M film, lol. I already have a rock chip on the edge of the hood above the passenger side headlight...

My local dealership who has been understanding, works with another vendor that I'd rather have my car with instead. I've opened up a case with Audi USA about this, but thought I'd drop a line here as well.

Reason why my car has this film on, is the fact that it was the only car in the area to my specification. Hoping I'll be able to talk with someone about this and see if we can come up with a resolution.

I'll post some photo's later.