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    Quote Originally Posted by joebrowntech View Post
    Read about the specifications of rear calipers in the user manuals of your car. It clearly mentions all the symbols etc.And if you lost the user manual of your car, you could get it easily from who provide manuals for all kinds of car models.
    Have you actually found any reference to the rear calipers, or is this simply an assumption that it is there? I have read through the S4 manual (online version) several times before taking delivery of my car, and searching through it now there is nothing descriptive of the rear brakes. Also, the link provided does not have current manuals (most recent is 2014 models), the official source for an online manual would be at where you plug in your VIN.

    On the surface it appears Audi has implemented cost-cutting by removing a trunk light, a bag holder, rear fog lights, and now the original S model brakes themselves. This may not bother some customers, and overall it is recognized that these are fairly minor changes. However it is the principle that rankles me. We are paying the same amount for a car that has those things, yet Audi believes they can hoodwink the customer and expect them to suck it up, hoping we won't notice or make noise. It is silly to think we wouldn't notice in the age of open internet (exception for China) and owner's forums such as these where we can collaborate as a group. Simply shrugging one's shoulders and allowing them to get away with it only encourages this behavior.
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    Spoke with Audi and my dealer. Both said I had a different PR number and that I donít get the S logo on the rears and the dealer didnít wanna order the right parts. Gnna call Audi again tomorrow see what they can do but itís not looking good

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