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    Shipping a new car across the country - Experiences and things to look out for?

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    I live in Washington State and ended up buying a B9 S5 from Audi Wilmington in Delaware as they gave me a great price and they were great to work with (also helps that someone a lot of people trust vouches for them :)). The thing that I am looking at now is shipping the car from Delaware to Washington. The prices that I am getting quoted are between $1,300 to $1,650 for an open container or $2,500 for a closed container.

    Questions I have are:
    - Anybody have issues with open container shipping? Would closed container be recommended?
    - Do the prices look to be adequate? I have been advised to use Fisher Shipping.
    - Anything else to look out for?
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    A year ago, I shipped a small boat in an enclosed truck to Washington State via Intercity. The boat was accompanied by six new Ferraris from New Jersey. The Intercity experience was second to none and done for ~ $1/mile. Highly recommended.

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    Send me a gas card and I'll deliver it in 2-3 days
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    Yeah, two things: Covered carrier, and not using a broker carrier service, but one that owns it's own fleet.

    I shipped my R8 from Co to MA, and it was 2,100 enclosed I beleive from a specialized carrier service. Pay the premium on something like this, it's worth it.
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    A lot depends on how picky you are about cars. An open carrier will deliver the car to you covered in bugs guts, dirt and debris. An enclosed transport will deliver the car in the exact condition it was given to them. If it were me, I would pay for enclosed transport, but if you are someone who does not get bothered by slight paint imperfections, open carrier will work too.

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    If you want no worries ship it in an enclosed transport, its gonna cost more but it's the only proper way to do it.

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