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    Audi Extended Warranty- worth it or a heaping pile of baloney?

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    Hi guys!

    Seeking help as my wife and I are Audi neophytes.

    We bought a Q7 over the weekend and as we were processing all our papers to drive the car off the lot were presented with the chance to purchase an 8-year/80,000 dealer warranty.

    We were told by the finance manager that most people who buy from that Audi dealer end up getting the dealer extended warranty- although I found that claim spurious and questionable at best.

    Our questions to you Audi experts are:

    1) Is a dealer extended warranty truly that superior to 3rd party X warranties? I can't find much on Google about the Audi extended warranty.

    2) Are extended warranties worth it in general? Most of things I've read say only a few truly see the benefit from it and most people never exercise having to use the extended warranty for the term they signed up for.

    Thank you!!

    Audi Noobs

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    Good morning!

    Audi, as the manufacturer, does not directly sell any extended warranties. We typically recommend the Audi Pure Protection plans, which are accepted at most certified Audi dealerships. These plans are offered through Audi Financial Services. You can view more about these plans here:

    There are many other options that the dealerships sell from third parties, as you may already know. It really comes down to customer preference and what you choose to purchase. You can always add on extended warranties throughout your ownership as well.
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    In general, the originator of the warranty (including any extended warranty) makes money off selling the warranty. That is to say, you will lose money (on average) by buying a warranty.

    The real question is: can you afford a multi-thousand dollar repair that comes up unexpectedly once you're out of warranty? This of course depends on the equipment/options your vehicle is spec'd with. If the answer is yes, you're better off without the warranty in the long run. If the answer is no, you want the warranty or ideally a cheaper car all around.

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    I bought an extended warranty for my 13 allroad when I bought the car new in late 2012. So far I've had to have one repair (defective fuel injector) that was covered by the extended warranty. Experience couldn't have been easier and seamless. The Audi service advisor handled all of the repair and paperwork as though it were a repair under the original warranty. Audi direct billed the extended warranty company.

    On top of that, there were zero issues with the fact that my vehicle has been heavily modified. No questions about voided extended warranty or whether the repairs were covered. This was explained to me by the Audi service advisor to be the case because the repairs are no longer approved by Audi, rather they are approved by the extended warranty company.
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