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    TV like screen on dash???

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    Is Audi happy with the look and finish of the screen mounted on top of the dash? I was shopping for the wife and she couldn't wrap her head around the new look.
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    Audi of America decided to have a fixed screen above the dash for design elements. Our design team looks to lower the height of the dashboard to increase the sense of space inside the cabin. If the screen were still integrated at the lower height in the dashboard, the driver would have to look too far down. With the screen floating above the dashboard, the line of sight is preserved.

    There was another thread posted regarding the same feature. I will pass along your feedback.
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    I was curious re: whether I'd like it. In practice, I find it sort of disappears and it is not distracting, at all. My passenger (wife) likes its functionality and, other than an initial conversation regarding how it looks, has had only positive things to say about it.

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    And the BMW 330 which competes with the A4 also has the same kind of screen. As well as the c-class mercedes.

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    I find the screen awful. Ruins the lines of the interior. I have a B8.5 allroad with an integrated screen. The screen is neither too low nor does it interfere with sight lines out of the car. I am just flabbergasted that Audi (and other manufacturers) opted for the floating screen design. It looks like it was an afterthought.

    I hate it so much it has been one of the main reasons I haven't added a new Audi recently. I can't bring myself to spend the money on a new car with such a hideous design flaw. I am holding out hope that my allroad lasts long enough for Audi to come to their senses and fix this error in judgement.
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