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    One touch top retrofit

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    The 2018 convertibles have a one touch top feature. Any one know how this feature is implemented and whether it can be retrofitted to older convertibles? Dealer says no.

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    I'm not aware of any way short of installing the Smarttop module. I looked in to doing it seriously, but in the end felt that it wasn't really worth the $. I was able to enable remote top and windows open/close using Carista, which solved half of the capabilities that interested me in the Smarttop.

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    As said above and you will find it mentioned in various forums/threads. Smartop. Personally I do not like it. I found my used S5 had one and I did not know until the top stopped working and the dealer found it installed. The module malfunctioned causing the top not to work.

    Reasons I did not like it:

    - The fob is too sensitive. A number of times after parking, I came back to find the top or windows down. The fob had been pressed in my pocket while walking away.

    - Sitting at a traffic light or moving slowly I have hit the top down by accident, and the one touch started the whole process. I had the move the switch the other way to stop the process. If you have to hold the switch, all an inadvertent press does in barely move the top (at most unlock it)


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