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    Any tips for keeping my helmet cool at track days and other tips

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    My first track day is coming up in a few weeks and I bought an entry level helmet. Wearing it around my house, I noticed that it gets extremely hot rather quickly and the visor fogs up. Was wondering if anyone had any tips to keep the helmet cool and me from overheating along with any effective anti-fog solutions (part of the track rules is to keep your windows down, but with the visor down it should still be hot). Also, any first day track tips are welcome as well (I was told to save the fire suit for the second track day).

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    You'll likely drive with the visor in the up position for air flow. You may choose to get a head sock for the helmet too.
    Bring some lawn chairs, tire pressure gauge, extra fluids for you and car. Have fun and if it is your first time be modest and willing to learn. Safety will be a priority.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wam22 View Post
    My first track day is coming up in a few weeks and I bought an entry level helmet.... Also, any first day track tips are welcome as well (I was told to save the fire suit for the second track day).
    I've enjoyed having the help of an instructor. They know the routine and help to keep you out of trouble. Arrive early and look for who else is running the same type of car. Have fun!

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    Windows down, visor up will keep you plenty cool. If you're going out with NASA you can even wear shorts and short sleeves in HPDE 1-4. I would download harry's lap timer app on your phone and get a mount for the windshield. I have the grand prix option which has some great features. If you're going to get into this more often then i'd download circuit tools and analyze your lap times to see where you are doing the best and where you can improve. Like someone else already said, be humble, and let faster cars pass you regardless of what kind of car they are. Also remember low HP cars can't pass you on the straights but they certainly can out corner in most cases, so point and lift on the straights.

    May go without saying but just to be sure, make sure you replace your brake fluid with high temp fluid, something like rbf 600 or rbf 660. You're going to be heavy on the brakes because you won't know how fast you can actually go through corners. Other than that probably make sure you have fresh pads or at least some with a good amount left in them. Don't worry about tires or other mods to "get you track ready" you won't need them with beginner driving skill.

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