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    Quote Originally Posted by Loe View Post
    just a word of caution, the "big screw" on one end of the HPFP can leak if you go too hard/rough installing the Autotech guts (or swapping guts from old to new HPFP). . .

    On a side note, my 2nd G410 sensor just failed, and my cheap non-OEM one failed within 10 mins of installing. It's worth getting a new G410 sensor as back-up just in case, it's easy to get to once the HPFP is off so do it as maintenance if desired.
    Iím glad I spent the $25 on the install tool. I donít think it ever would have come off with the screwdriver and hammer method. I needed a two foot breaker bar in my vice to break it loose.
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    Going thru some good DIY reading , I wanted to mention something or more like ask . All I see is a Oring between the pump and the block . How is it possible to leak fuel into your oil ? What other seal breaks ? I remembered reading a post on IG a while back , someone had installed a autotech piston with the correct tool and somehow fuel and oil mixed . Causing him to drain out his fluids , change plugs and eventually but a new pump .

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