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Thread: So confused...

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    So confused...

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    Hey Guys, I have a 2015 A3 2.0 and have been on the Airlift MQB kit for close to 2 months now. In the past week i have noticed a popping noise in the driver side strut at mild to low speeds while the wheel is turned either way. I took a look to find that the bag had spun 2 full revolutions on the strut and my lines were completely wrapped around the strut. Yesterday I was able to tighten everything as much as possible after removing the line and rerouting everything as it should be ran and the noise stopped for about 15 miles. Today I took a look and the bag rotated around about half again. I know spinning these things can cause leaks due to breaking seals let alone what can happen to my lines. I am confused to say the least as to why the bag wants to spin down the strut. I don't have much access to a floor jack or lift so I haven't been able to see the top assembly of the strut, but nothing is leaking at least yet..


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