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    Upgraded the Front Speakers in My B8 S4 B&O

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    Since very early in my car's life, the front center speaker has "buzzed" at certain frequencies. And for the longest time I thought it was the trim around the speaker. Well, this weekend I installed 3 Dayton Audio RS75-4 speakers: one in the center channel and two in the front midrange locations. I purchased some custom brackets for the speakers from kmarei on these forums. Huge props to him, I paid on Wednesday and the adapters were in my mailbox Saturday.

    After installing, there is now ZERO distortion or buzzing, and the sound is much more mellow and smooth. I'm finding myself re-listening to lots of songs just to see how different they sound.

    Very pleased with the fitment of the brackets; they were PERFECT, and custom made for both the A4/S4 dash and the Dayton speakers.

    Here are some pictures.

    Highly recommended upgrade. Total cost was about $125 after purchase of three speakers, three adapters, tax and shipping.
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    Thanks for the info! Actually came in handy all these years later!

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    ditto. years later but helpful. i might pick up this set


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