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    RNS-e Screen repair

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    Hey, this is my first post as I've been able to find everything I've needed before by lurking around. I bought a new RNS-e from The UK and had it converted to US spec, things have worked great until yesterday when the screen totally quit on me. The guy I bought if from will warranty the unit and fix it for me but I'm looking at $200 to send it back to him. Does anyone know a repair place I could take it to in the Salt Lake area? I figure if I can get it fixed here for roughly the same I'd rather. It send it half way around the world.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Youtube I don't think its difficult to replace it yourself, probably a couple screws and a ribbon cable. I recall seeing a DIY as I was debating buying one when I was looking into grabbing a B6

    found this

    1. open the screen
    2. remove the radio fuse (so no power anymore on the rns-e and the display will stay open)
    3. take a PHILIPS PH0 screwdriver, and remove the 3 small black screws you show in your pic. BE CAREFUL: ONLY use the PH0 screwdriver. Best way to do is to be sure that you have good grip on the screw, fasten it a little bit to brake the glue on it and loosen it
    4. loosen the small ribbon cable that connects the display to the main unit. Just pull down the brown plastic connector with your nails
    5. remove the plastic cover (2 small plastic screws) and remove the metal housing of the display (4 metal screws)

    reverse with the new display

    I can supply new display
    Looking for someone for a quick photoshop request PM me if you can help with a quick job

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    hey man, my mechanic destroyed the screen, can you supply a unit for me please?
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