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    RNS-E Volume Knob Responds Intermittently

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    Hey all. I have done some searching for a solution here but haven't found anything.

    My RNS-E is from a B7 RS4, and is in great cosmetic and technical shape, save one part- one very crucial part...

    The volume scroll wheel is sporadic and doesn't evenly raise/lower volume. I turn the wheel to raise the volume, and the actual volume level will either not respond at all, or change up and down unpredictably. I can help it by pulling on the knob slightly while turning it. This leads me to believe the component itself has gone bad.

    What's the recommended fix on this? Take apart and see if cleaning the scrolling mechanism helps? Does anyone sell actual RNS-E parts?

    In the interim I'm considering installing a MFSW to augment to unit anyway, and resolve the volume problem for the meantime.


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    Bumping this as I have the same issue. Anyone else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve-0101 View Post
    Bumping this as I have the same issue. Anyone else?
    Yes, mine behaves the same way, and was supposedly a new old stock unit.

    Subscribed for any ideas/fixes

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    I have the same problem
    Next week i get the new volume button( scrolling mechanism )
    I think that is the problem

    when I think about it
    I will post my findings here
    otherwise tag me


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