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    Quote Originally Posted by JettaGetUpandGo View Post
    The Q5 thread looks pretty spot on. There is a module apparently, but it's likely just a complicated relay. There's no coding at least.

    The Kufatec harness unfortunately will be useless. The only other obstacle is confirming part numbers for the trim panel and pads. I don't have a functioning copy of ETKA anymore to dig into this further. :(
    Bummer on the harness.

    Here is where I got the rear trim part numbers (12) for the heated option:

    Heating pad (15) for upper back seats:

    Heating pad (7) for lower back seats:

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    This is what I put together last night using a combination of the Q5 retrofit and the Jim Ellis site:

    Rear console trim - 8K0 864 376 F ZSK (black, use 8K0 864 376 F IXU for brown)
    Seat heat switch left - 8K0 963 563 A
    Connector for left switch - 4D0 971 636 B
    Seat heat switch right - 8K0 963 564
    Connector for right switch - 8E0 906 236
    Repair wire - 000 979 009 E (6 total for 12 pins)
    Heat pad bottom - 8K0 963 555 AM (2 total)
    Heat pad back - 8K0 963 557 K (2 total)
    Connector for heat pad - 4F0 937 731 (2 total)
    Repair wire - 000 979 026 E (2 total for 4 pins)
    Repair wire - 000 979 152 E (2 total for 4 pins)
    Rear seat heating control module - 3T0 959 772 B
    Nuts to mount module - N 015 082 10 (2 total) (this assumes we have the same mounting spot)
    Connector for module - 6Q0 937 713
    Repair wire - 000 979 019 E (6 total for 12 pins)
    Repair wire - 000 979 133 E (1 total for 2 pins)
    Repair wire - 000 979 225 E (1 total for 2 pins)

    You will also need new clips for the rear seat cushion since they are designed to break upon removal: 4L0 886 373 (2 total)

    Currently searching for some of the TE/Tyco wire terminals to avoid needing the costly repair wires and unnecessary splicing/soldering. I have a few of them already from past projects, but these are a bugger to track down. Also have the Erwin wiring diagrams for the B8.5. If these aren't allowed to be posted let me know and I will take them down. Not sure how to make these any clearer:

    Thanks, by the way, for getting me to look into this as now I probably have to do it too... what a dick. :D Don't hold your breath though, I expect getting the Jetta back together will consume most of my summer and wallet this year.
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