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    Thumbs up The return of our Featured AZ'ers, with koolade9's 2007 RS 4!

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    October 2013 Featured AZ'er: koolade9's 2007 RS 4
    October 21, 2013 - Written by Stefan Johnetty, Photos by Stefan Johnetty

    User Name: koolade9
    Real Name: Blake Ferguson
    Location: Phoenix, Arizona USA
    Year of Vehicle: 2007
    Model of Vehicle: RS 4 quattro
    Engine of Vehicle: 4.2 V8 FSI
    Color of Vehicle: Ibis White

    As a car enthusiast, there are times when you come across a vehicle that really does it for you. One that seems to fit you to a tee. A car that has everything you didn't know you were looking for, but needed once you experienced it. That's what you'd call pure automotive bliss.

    Our newest Featured AZ'er, Blake Ferguson (AKA: Koolade9), found exactly that for himself when he spontaneously test drove an RS 4 at his local dealer. He didn't end up purchasing that particular RS 4, but soon began the search for a very rare Ibis White example. Only 29 Ibis White RS 4's made it Stateside, which meant Blake had to get to work if he was to acquire this rare unicorn. After some searching he found what he was looking for, on the opposite side of the country!

    Blake booked a one way ticket and flew East, into a terrible snow storm of all things. Quattro or not, the RS 4 was still equipped with summer tires, and Blake had a lot of driving ahead of him. Nevertheless, 3 days and 3,000 miles later, the RS 4 made it back to the West Coast accident free. What occurred next was the most epic car wash of it's life. Once the car was home Blake wasted no time with the modding. He took what he could off the B6 A4 he owned at the time, and put it onto the RS 4. Within a month the car had STaSIS Motorsport suspension, STaSIS/Alcon 355 Mono 4 brakes, a ported and polished intake manifold, an APR tune (later replaced with JHM), plus some aesthetic goodies such as the Vorsteiner carbon fiber hood and ADV.1 wheels... More

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    How can you be a Featured AZ'er?
    Anthony - Founder & Editor in Chief, Audizine

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    Great looking RS4 Blake has and in Ibis none the less. I cant believe I havent seen that monster driving around town.
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    IG @myRS4 | 2007 RS4 | Phantom Black | Milltek'ed | KW H.A.S. kitted | Rotiformed (SPF DDT 19X10 +25) | PSSed 275/30/19 | LED DRL'ed | H&R wheel spaced | 034 Density Line control armed | Hotchkis F + R Sway Barred | Apikol rear-diff mounted | K&N Filtered | Ziza lit | Passport 9500ix hardwired | Dension Pro BT'ed | StopTech Brake Padded | window trim matte black vinyl wrapped

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    Great looking car, very involved member, congrats!!

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    Congrats and über-noice RS!
    2007 S4 Cabriolet 6MT, APR Tune, AWE B7 S4 Touring Exhaust, AWE Down Pipes, B8 S4 Peeler 19s with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/35s, RS4 Grille, JHM Phenolic Spacers, JHM FW Crank Pulley and 6-rib Conversion, Fly's LED DRLs, Clear Corner Mod

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    So tight

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    blake is one of our most helpful RS4 members. He has been around and knows his stuff. Great to see him get this honor.

    Beautiful car Blake.
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    And lastly for the grammar police that are bound to step in
    I came here from Germany in the 6th grade. I could not read or write a lick of English. I am working to get better. Thanks and sorry. I always try to edit my posts for the best grammar and easiest reading.

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