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    Then do exactly that. Spend your money and your time then come back and report. Until you do don't bash people spending their money and their time testing for no benefit to themselves other than knowledge.

    Still don't see how a radar gun on the side of the road in the exact same position a cop would be sitting isn't real world...

    And for the record I'm not a tester just a member that has learned a lot from other very knowledgeable members.
    2011 A4 Avant Prestige S-Line

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    I just did.

    Did you not read the short review of the three detectors I ran.

    If you can't wrap yourself around the idea of running a radar detector in your daily commute for some time vs running it back and forth the same test track a couple times then I don't know what to tell you.

    Don't get upset.

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    - Oil Change
    - Change Spark Plug & Coil Packs
    - Cabin Filter Change
    - Tire Rotation
    - Wash & Detail

    - Disinfected the AC system in my girlfriend's car.

    - Then packed my tools up and drove an hour to my mother's house to change the brakes on all four corners of her car, changed her windshield wipers, and top off fluids.

    I'm beat.

    2013 A4 Quattro Brushed Steel / APR E85 Stage 2 / AG F421 Copper + Smoke + Neo Chrome / Eurocode FMIC + HFC / AWE Quad + CF Valance
    build / instagram / flickr

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    If it has the worst audio.. what did you replace with?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dannaye View Post
    Attachment 72974

    FREE to whoever pays $8 for shipping. But just be advised it has the worst audio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimodo View Post
    If it has the worst audio.. what did you replace with?
    Went back to my aux cable.

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    '02 S6, '06 A4 Avant, '12 A4 Avant SLine sport, '06 R53
    Northern Vermont

    Mileage 151,130 mi

    Pesky P2188 code, too rich at idle.

    Installed new HPFP. Hitachi, Made in Germany
    New cam follower tappet
    Liquid Moly engine oil flush 2037 (1/3 can), will follow up with remainder next change.
    MANN 719/45 oil filter, using new Hazet oil filter wrench = sweet.
    Mobil 1 15W-50 service (~1,000mi/qt now)
    New cabin air filter
    Cleared code, reset service indicator.

    Surprisingly very little wear on the cam follower tappet or cams, not bad for 151k miles. Keeping this tappet for a new work desk display next to my Audi 20v piston pencil holder.

    Also washed, waxed and detailed my 2002 Audi S6, took photos, put on craigslist FS.
    Cheers, Thompson
    2012 Audi A4 Avant 2.0T S-Line sport | 2006 Audi A4 Avant 2.0T | 2002 Audi S6 Avant

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    put on the honeycomb rs4 grill
    only took an hour and half and had never taken apart a bumper before....thank you to all the instructions on here and the ecs tuning site

    currently trying to remember how to attach a photo 🤣 i got as far as uploading it to the photo section of audizine but how do i get it into this post? when i click the photo icon it only gives me option to type in URl... i forget how

    closest i can get to having the photo in this post 🤣
    with 2yo twins i donít have as much time to figure this crap out as i used to
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