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    01 VW Jetta pls

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    My buddy owns a 2001 vw jetta and recently called me to help him out.
    He was driving down the road when his gas pedal stopped working. I went down to check it out and saw that his 02 sensor harness wires had drug on the ground and snapped. He had it towed and the shop replaced the 02 harness but the gas pedal still isn't working and this shop can't figure out why. Any ideas on what else I can tell these expert mechanics to check...TIA

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    I think you have to go to the company's main service center because sometime mechanic can't figure out the real problem.The same problem was happen with me in my Maruti Swift .
    Maruti is the largest car maker of India and swift is it's most successful hatchback in India.It had broken down many records of sale of hatchback cars in India.
    Mechanic made my case also more problematic then I went to the Maruti's main service center and their it was sorted out.

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    Nothing worth adding

    TPS or throttle position sensor or either throttle body actuator would be my guess. It also could have shorted out the ecu when the harness was thrashed. Call 334 2607220 and ask for criss...
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    01 VW Jetta pls

    Its better to go to the company's service center rather than going to the local roadside mechanic. I also faced the same problem with my own car Creta , it is launched by Hyundai which is the best manufacturer in terms of SUV Cars in India . Well according to me Diesel model of Creta offers better fuel efficiency and it has a better overtaking ability on highway but the engine is noisier than the petrol engine. While the petrol engine is a bit more refined and has better pickup. In my opinion, if your monthly running is more than 1500 kms, you should choose diesel model of Creta, but if it is less, petrol model makes more sense.


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