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    Car won't start again after jumped and driven...

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    Ive been at school and lived on campus since the end of May and since then I havn't been home much. My car ('99 a4) has been sitting in my driveway for awhile.

    I came home one weekend, jump started it, and drove it around and it was fine.

    I came back a few weeks later (today) jump started it again, and drove it for about 20 minutes. I pulled into my driveway, shut it off and waited a few minutes to start it again.

    It wouldn't start. It sounded like the starter was just clicking away, it didn't try to turn over, the acc's just blinked until the battery died eventually.

    The battery is pretty new as well. Thanks for any insight anyone can give.
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    Take the battery to go get tested, even if it's generally new. After sitting it can go bad, but depends on how long it sat. I say just go get it tested.

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    These things are the way to go when the car is sitting

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbudden View Post
    Take the battery to go get tested, even if it's generally new. After sitting it can go bad, but depends on how long it sat. I say just go get it tested.
    Good advice. It may be a weak/dead battery and you're only running on the alternator when you drive.

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    If the car is left for a long time, and upon your return the battery is too dead to even crank the engine, do not just jump it. When the batter is completely flat (dead) like that, after the engine is started and the jumper cables removed you put enormous strain on the alternator to charge up a dead battery. You can overheat and fry your alternator this way.

    A jump start is fine if you left your lights on at the supermarket and the battery will just barely not start the car. However, if it has been discharged for a long time, it will take a while for it to recharge. Which means lots of extra work for your alternator to bring it back up.

    So either get a trickle charger as shown above, or make sure and charge your battery instead of a jump next time.

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    At this point, you should take the whole car to autozone/autoshop and have the alternator tested too.


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