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    debating whether 2 dynamat floorpanels

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    How difficult is it to get the carpet removed from a 1997 b5 a4? I have a bit of dynamat, and i am about to run all the wires for my stereo upgrade and i am trying to decide whether to line the floorboards. Has anyone here had experience with this as in time/difficulty? is it worth the effort?


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    Re: debating whether 2 dynamat floorpanels

    I didn't deaden mine... when you pull the carpet up, there's a good deal of padding on the back side of the carpet as-is. I may do mine eventually for the sake of being anal...but I don't anticipate an audible difference.

    Start with your front and rear doors (inner & outter skin, and panel) then move to the trunk floor and rear trunkwells & fenderwells. After that, do the rear deck.

    At that point, you'll find that there are lots of little panels that make subtle'll spend a bunch of time with various thicknesses of foam padding and foam strips to quiet those...

    If you still have extra mat after all that, then I'd hit the floor.
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    Re: debating whether 2 dynamat floorpanels

    Won't do anything. Car already has a ton, for the time spent doing all the wont notice a difference.


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