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    Center Diff Washer mod for 20/80 TBR

    This is for a prefacelift 01A transmission with a 2 piece center diff. I highly recommend air tools for a lot of the assembly. Gotta have your basics tools too. I got the washers complements of kompressed. He was very helpful on tips with the installation. Wouldn't be possible with out him.

    First start off by putting the car on 4 jack stands to make the car sit level. lay some news paper or an old towel down to keep the floor clean while you drain the tranny fluid. Use a 17mm allen socket to open the fill plug. Then use the tranny drain plug tool and remove the tranny plug and drain the fluid into a oil catch container.

    After the fluid is drained, put the drain plug back in. Then remove the driveshaft heat shield. It is held on by 4 10mm nuts

    Then take the drive shaft off from the center differential. its 6 bolts. Use and impact gun if you don't want to keep getting up from under your car to release the hand brake to rotate the shaft. Slide the driveshaft away and put a bag or a rubber glove over the greased ends.

    Then start pulling the center diff out. Its like 7 t45 torx bolts. Unless your car is on a lift, you don't have much room to crack the bolts off. Impact gun and air tools were a savior. a few extensions and u joints made it cake. After that place a towel underneath incase all the tranny fluid did not drain out. use a rubber mallet to hammer the diff off the output spline of the tranny.

    make yourself a clean area to work with to start dissassembling the diff.

    You first need to remove the torsen. There is a clip holding in a rubber plug. Remove the clip and insert a 8mm bolt into the thread part in the middle of the plug. This gives you something to grab to pull it out. Then use a wooden dowel to punch the diff out.

    You will get something that looks like this...

    mark the cap and the main body so you assemble it in the same position. I used a white out pen.

    Then is an impact gun and a 8mm allen socket to remove the 3 bolts. i used an impact gun because i did not want to mount the diff in a vice.

    Once the cap is off there is a washer on the main center gear. Place that somewhere safe. Then mark the main gear to make timing the diff easier.

    Then start marking the gears on the side.

    This is why you need to properly time the gears. The pic is bad but there are angles cut into the vertical gears so they don't mash into the spiral teeth on the two center gears. Just yse a white out pen, mark a tooth and then mark the body.

    These needle bearings are what you are replacing. The thrust washers are the same demensions. You will need to get custom precision ones ground out at a machine shop.

    replace the bearings and use some lube in between the washers.

    now reassemble. Match up the gears to the marks you made earlier

    you should be able to spin it by hand with out any crunching noises.

    No just reverse for assembly.
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