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10-13-2006, 01:31 PM
Looking at a B5, or just bought one? Well here are a some tips for you as a new B5 owner. The first the I'm going to say is, if you have a question, and feel like it's a new one... Chances are... it isn't. So please do us all a favor and use the SEARCH button at the top right of this forum. This will save you time, and probably your pride, as you will more than likely be flamed.

Anyways, first off, due to experience... you want to check the maintenance of the car. Determine if it's been well taken care of. The there will be a few things you'll want to look at.

1: TB and WP (Timing Belt and Water Pump). If it hasn't been changed, plan on spending about $250 or so on a kit for this. They are notorious for going out, so change it when you can, and don't say we didn't warn you.

2: CA's (Control Arms). Being the year that it is now, mostly all B5's at this point either need a CA replacement, or are shortly due for this. These generally get more stressed when a low suspension is added, so it's a good idea to change the OEM ones out first.

3: Change your Oil. This should actually be the first one you should do. Really, chances are that the person that you bought the car from knew nothing about Audi's and/or was a complete cheap ass when it comes to oil. You want to use a fully synthetic oil like Mobil 1, or other types of oil specifically designed for it. The potency of the oil will prevent it from sticking to the internals, as well as increase your turbo life. (Not sure if it's a fact, but it's really my opinion). It's a good idea to change this out every 3000 miles. I've seen most use 0w-40 and 5w-40, which is really a preference, and it depends on where you live. It's expensive, but if you were worried about that, you shouldn't have bought an Audi.

4: Check your coolant. Simple: Green stuff = No No. You'll want to buy the orange from either a dealer or wherever you are able to get it.

You can find all of these maitenance pieces on http://www.ecstuning.com

Now for performance Mods... Check out http://www.awe-tuning.com for all the mods listed.

Suspension: In my honest unprofessional opinion, suspension should be your first Mod. You're going to want speed asap due to how big of dogs these cars are stock... But all go an no handling will seriously make you regret your decision. I know that a very popular/affordable setup is the H&R Race/Sport springs with Bilstein sport shocks. Many review will show that the race springs are uncomfortable for a daily driver, however I would disagree as I have them as a DD. I will admit they suck for bumpy city streets and long trips though. There are also many coilover setups.

DV/BPV replacement: If you're looking at chipping your car, or adding boost, a diverter valve is going to be required. This will hold the extra pressure that you get from the boost. The stock BPV isn't strong enough to hold more than about 8 psi. DV's like Forge, Hyperboost, EvoMS, and Bailey's all work well from what I've heard and go from $130 - $160. But there's an alternative that's just as good with mroe than half the price, which is the 710N. Your car will have a 710 on it which is stock on the B5. The 710N comes from the 225TT and will hold around a bar of pressure. These run brand new $40.00. So really it's up to you as to the decision. DONT GET A BOV... BOV's do not do anything for our cars, and really there isn't one that is designed for it. If you want one because of the noise.. you shoulda got a Japanese car. Nough said.

Exhaust: Exhaust is one of the things that actually helps us out being that we start with Forced Induction. Freeing up that space to allow the air to flow, will in the long run add a lot of power. Depending on how loud or soft you like it, you'll have plenty of choices if you check the performance companies that make them.

Chip: Basically the best all around gain in HP you could expect from the B5 is a chip. A chip will change the fuel, and boost ratios adding more power to your car. And for once will be a VERY noticeable mod. GIAC and APR are great for these.. Although I've heard Neuspeed's is pretty much junk, so I would steer clear.

Intake: You're not going to get much of a gain from intake. You're better off creating a custom intake (read some of the DIY's and search for custom intakes), than buying a kit for $250 - $300... as really it's more of a waste of money, unless you have a bigger turbo.

Test Pipe and High Flow Cat: basically your stock catalytic converter runs very hot, as does the rest of the motor.. the downside is that it sit's right next to the turbo. The test pipe will replace your catalytic converter and free up flow from the turbo which will help with your lower end of torque and usually quicker spools, with better throttle response.. and it should reduce temperatures by at least a little bit.. The downside? It's stinky.. and I mean stinky. It may be worth the extra money to buy the high flow cat, which essentially does the same thing.

Short Shifter: I've heard a lot of people say they wish they had gotten a short shifter quicker than they had. One explained it as it changes the way you interact with your car.. And really it does. This will reduce your shift throw making it easier to shift faster. Most will check ebay for one of these.

Clutch Kit and Flywheel: Quattro... means wear and tear on a clutch. Adding a new stronger clutch will allow you to have better and faster launches, as well shifting smoother. The extra force of the clutch will also prevent the clutch from spinning, which will basically ruin it. A lot of clutch kit's will be sold with a lighter flywheel, which most will take you from a 25lb FW, to a 12lb. This will allow you to rev quicker. A lot mention that it feels like adding 20hp to your car.

Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC): A front mount with any turbo car will reduce the temperature in which the car intakes. A result of this is increased HP, as well as cooling the motor down more effeciently. This is usually neccessary for a big turbo upgrade like a K04 or higher. But will still also help with just a chip, although you might have a slight pressure drop.

Big Turbo Upgrade: Finally... if you're looking at squeezing maximum potential out of your little 1.8, then a big turbo is where it's at.


For more information, as it will be better explained.

Had some time so I figured I'd mention the basics..Anyone need to add anything, just PM me and I'll edit it and credit it to you.

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you spelled newb wrong, newb.

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damn i suck... fixed [:D]

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this won't solve anything, we are still going to get which chip should i get or will these 22 stunna rims fit on my car without air suspension???

How come we don't have as much stickies as the b6 forum anyway?

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lol i figured it might be a good sticky to reference to instead of saying search every f-ing time.

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i have "search you f'ing newb retard" on my clipboard at all times.

ctrl-v bitches

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Originally posted by 1 ate T
lol i figured it might be a good sticky to reference to instead of saying search every f-ing time.
i think every ones arm's are tired from beating that dead horse!!!

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oh well.. i was bored.. so sticky it someone if you want.. doesnt really matter i guess

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good post! definitely sticky worthy.

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Correction; Coolant is Pink not orange.

on the side note APR chip is crap..don't even bother when there is the proven-superior GIAC.

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i agree, good general info for b5s. make it a sticky

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Nice thread.

Sticky this... [:D]

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Originally posted by Sx2

on the side note APR chip is crap..don't even bother when there is the proven-superior GIAC.

Proven ... maybe. Superior ... I don't think so.

I have had APR on my car for over 2 years, (check my sig) with no problems.

APR has been good to me as a product, a customer, and as a company.

Long live APR!!

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im not cool enough for a stick

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Sticky? I think not. We'll get a more definitive thread going soon enough. Based on what is posted in up top, I'd hardly say it's that informative.

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I say its a well informative thread!

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Good stuff. Too bad a noob will have to search to find it! [:D] :irony:

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Originally posted by EVIL-AUDI
Sticky? I think not. We'll get a more definitive thread going soon enough.

yes please get one up soon!!

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neuspeed isnt crap, it just isnt designed to be highest out put chip, if neuspeed wanted to make more power they could have easily uped it from 0.8 bar.... is apr or giac in a contract with audi and vw? no. is neuspeed? yes.

10-16-2006, 01:53 PM
Its nOOb, noobs.

And as far as short shifters go, I can assure you I can shift as fast as anyone with a short shifter. The argument goes deep, but ill spend my money elsewhere.

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this wasnt intended for a discussion of opinions... intention of schooling noobs...

i think neuspeeds electronics are crap... once again it's an opinon omg