View Full Version : rear BBK setup

10-03-2006, 10:31 PM
I was wondering what options I have to make the ebrake available...if i changed the rears...i know some1 had done some "dual caliper" setup..not sure exactly .... to be honest this isnt a big issue because I'm tip...but I would still like to retain it..
it's kinda a piss of knowing Audi is probably the only manufacture in the car industry that loses ebrake with rear upgrade...

anyways thanks in advance

edit: sorry didnt want to start a new thread also have 1 more question....

after i installed my front BBK .. at first I had something like "brake dragging" I was told that the pads were new and needed wearing in and it would disappear... and it did...well it happens ALOT less... probably once every time i work the car hard...but other then that nothing...is this normal or do i haveto bring it back to my tuner for a check?..thanks

and sorry for the long read/questions