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10-03-2006, 01:09 PM
<warning, long, meandering, stream of consciousness post here - think 'leo tolstoy huffing nitromethane'>

well she finally touched ground last night after 2 months on blocks.

few shots of the progress... ill post up more tonight. it was LATE.


click audi project..

new stuff:

TURBO: k04, giac ecu, turbo hardware, gaskets, , turbo bracket [was missing], coolant feed line to turbo, n75 race, pcv system [thanks andrew!], turbo xs bypass valve, silicone vacc lines, 5bar fpr, samco silicone intake hose,
TUNEUP: plugs, oil, coolant flush [5 cycles of distilled], thermostat, coolant thermoswitch, plugs, airfilter, pollenfilter, upper 02, mopar cc cleaner
BRAKES: TT caliper carriers, A8 rotors, porterfield rs4 street pads, new oem lines, full flush motul rbf600
SUSPENSION: all 4 front upper control arms, L+R in+out front cv boots, front upper strut mounts, heavy duty tie rod ends , 2 front swaybar end links, 22mm neuspeed rear sway bar, neuspeed sport springs, grooved bilstien sport shocks, front motor mounts [stiffened with eurathane], apr poly snub mount

this weekend:
apr exhaust, stratmosphere short shifter, boost gauge, turbo timer, new south performance intake spacer, probably port match the intake manifold..

maiden voyage: WHOA is all i can say. what a difference. it's rough and needs fine tuning but the potential is awesome [compared to, you know, a bad stock turbo and 4 blown non sport shox =]. she threw a bunch of codes. vagcom'd it this am and got 2; 02 sensor and abs wheel sensor. i may have gotten a bad 02, gotta check that tonite. and i pulled the abs sensor to do the strut, so i'll check to see if i damaged it or put it in wrong. i understand theyre pretty fragile. [FRA-GEE-LEE, it's italian!]. im really happy it wasnt throwing more codes wince i had the whole intake, turbo, etc apart. it would have sucked to redo that. [knocking on wood]

its my 1st time with the vagcom, what a cool tool. a window into the soul of this maligned beast. a very nicely sorted interface tho, comapred to something like my ice>link which just works so.... beta. i feel so NASA with my laptop in my car. my neighbor came by [shared garage] and gave me that 'youre some kind of.. mad scientist' look. =)

1st, the alignment is WAY off. i need to get that sorted today. but the car GOES, it seems to run hotter, comes up to temp instantly and was WICKED hot when i shut it off. hotter it seeems then nomal. of course i did blast around the block 5 times at WOT then shut it right down. not that bright, actually. the temp gauge was dead center. i'm happy about that since i went pretty deep into the cooling system. WHEW! all that happy new pink coolant. the old coolant looked like used motor oil. literally.

the suspension is awesome [neuspeed sport w/ groved bilstein sports, NS rear sway]. i just went around the block a few times but holy crap it feels so tight and new. NO body roll on left to right ransitions. just flicks side to side. the NS rear bar is really nice - mounts right up, and has nice triangulated brackets for each side to stiffen the sway mounts. very slick. it does sit really low, which im not happy about, but the spring compressors i borrowed wouldn't let me squish the springs enuff for the higher-ride settings on the struts. i might redo them at some point, but it raises a question: how do the grooves/clips on the strut body [which allow you to change the height of the lower spring seat on the strut realtive to the top+bottom shock mounts] change the ride height, as they are purported to?

it seems to me that the ride height is dictated by the shock legnth, how much distance there is between the lower a arm and the top strut mount. i understand that the spring supports / suspends the car and the shock dampens its motion, but it seems that changing the height of the lower spring seat would just pre-compress the spring and not really 'raise' the car?

maybe thats it, the spring under more compression pushes harder which forces the car up a bit. but if that's correct then it's likely at the expense of ride quality since you're always riding around on more tensioned [compressioned?] springs? hmm...

anywhoo it feels great. the brakes are noisy / grindy as hell but i need to bed them in and ill report back. they're ecstuning cad plated, slotted rotors. the finish on the rotors is pretty rough. have to say im underwhelmed with the quality of the carriers and the rotors.

also - i got 'optimal' brand control arm set from germanautoparts - very nice guys, GREAT prices and service but these are suposed to be oem quality and theyre GARBAGE. nothing like the meyle or febi. fair warning. always check your brands. the TRE's literally fell apart putting them on [i got meyle's]. the upper CA's seemed passable, but i imagine ill be doing them again in not too long. =( fingers x'd...

this weekend the exhaust goes in [full apr], boost gauge to see whats what, and ill log blocks on the vag to see what the motors up to. i really need an adjustable fpr with a gauge and a wideband 02 to dial the fuel in, which are about 500$ from 034. of course EVERY time i talk to javad it costs me 500$.. that bahsitd.... =)

so thats that. man am i sick of working on my car.

10-03-2006, 01:16 PM
you don't need a wideband. Just use vag-com to get your afrp dialed in. What does your block 31 log look like?

10-03-2006, 01:20 PM
hevent tried yet - thanks for the tip tho! ill run it tonight.

10-23-2006, 11:43 AM
hey i took a run yesterday. im stil lin process trying to figure out how to read the log.. any input or is there a decent how-to? i got an excel sheet with a few hundred lines and i cant make heads or tails out of it..


10-23-2006, 11:52 AM
Isn't it nice to get all the maintenance done? [:)] That's what I'm working on doing.. t-belt+CA's+suspension+tune up for me next spring, woo!

Are you breaking the turbo in at all?

10-23-2006, 12:07 PM
it is.. all in one fell swoop. well, a few swell foop's. its back up for a few bits. and i think its running lean so i need to get the logs figured out.

it runs soooooo good tho. turbo was used so no break in.

10-23-2006, 12:35 PM
I was looking at your pics and I notice you had an album of a trip to Chile when was that??? I have currently been living here for the past 13 months..

10-23-2006, 12:47 PM
damn man, thats a lot of upgrades. im sure that thing feels like a whole new car(what an audi is supposed to feel like)..

my car has been parked in my garage for a week now and im dying. i have no idea how you lasted 2 months!

10-23-2006, 06:28 PM
and after all that you didnt do the timing belt?

10-23-2006, 06:32 PM
i was in chile htis past february. great country. loved it..

yeah the 2 months SUCKED. riding my motorcycle every day gets old.

the TB wouldve been a whole other slew of work that i dont want to go near. i didnt have the front off the car, plus it was done 20k miles ago when i 1st got it. i had it done.

thanks all for the input.

10-23-2006, 06:36 PM
and the car feels great. lots of power [compared to a blown turbo] but the suspension and brakes are great [for the cost and on the streer]. it's a bit 'busy' driving around town, as most low/stiff cars are, a little bouncy and harsh, but it sticks like glue and is so much more responsive. so fun when guys in s2k's are looking in their mirror like.. 'is that an a4?!?!?'

ScottyB 1.8T
10-23-2006, 07:22 PM
great writeup man.

after 2 months that must have felt awesome to wring it out!

10-23-2006, 07:27 PM
it did! now its back on blocks for more fettling. should be back back on the road tomorrow..

once i figure out how these damn datalogs work.

10-23-2006, 07:36 PM
oh and to follow up on my original post the cars temp is right on. its runs 1/2 way on the coolant all the time, and the oil ranges around 225, a little higher if i spank it.

i got it aligned the next day and that sorted that. i will raise the front suspension whan i get a better compressor, and hte brakes have quieted way down. they are a little squeaky but i LOVE the porterfields. they bite like a thai hooker with a bullwhip in her.. ahh.. wrong forum. ;-)

i also uploaded more pics of how the car sits. im mid-install on the apr now. IT.. IS...SO....BEAUTIFULLY.....MADE. i find myself staring into my reflection in its perfectly polished stainless glory. like some sort of horsepower-mad narcissus.

10-31-2006, 10:27 AM
finally got the apr on this weekend. not as mean sounding as i was hoping, it's definitely the gentlemans exhaust. the finish is unreal. i almost wanted to lick the welds.

it has a little growl to it but very subtle. definitely breathes better, but the stock cat must be corking things horribly now. ill go high flo at some point.. also threw in new motor mounts [HUGE difference, no more lurching] and the used newspeed lower subframe brace i had. that also made a huge difference as the a4 has no lower rear crossmember.

pics at:

my beater, she's a comin along..