View Full Version : No questions, just a battery report

09-30-2006, 10:42 AM
Dear Audizine Diary,

Today my car didn't start. It was time to change the battery. As an image-first conscious, "i don't deal with whats under the hood often, but understand what's going on and will do what needs to be done only if it needs to be done" type of driver, i took it upon myself to do it.

That stupid panel and stupid cover. Once i got over that, i got a 48DL battery that was recommended as a direct-fit on an AW writeup, and bought an additional bracket to make sure its held in place.

Car started up, radio codes didn't need to be reset, and now all i have to do is change the calendar/time and we should be golden.

Nothing major to get excited about in terms of swapping my engine with a v10, putting a BT, nothing oettinger related, nothing slammed or cc'd... just a good old fashioned "why did audi put this beast up under these panels" battery change.

So, all you noobs out there, its no sweat really - nothing to waste money at a dealer or shop over.