View Full Version : anyone here running a GTRS elim turbo?

09-27-2006, 09:19 PM
Thinking of picking one up soon and was wondering if anyone else on island has one?

09-27-2006, 09:50 PM
Doesn't James have one?

09-28-2006, 05:10 AM
Sup Todd, yeah i have an elim. Not the gtrs but the gt2871r. I sold the k04 I told you I was going to install.

just finished the install last week, wasnt as straight forward as I wouldve liked. spent two days trying to make the stock oil return hard line fit. I dont care what ATP says, it doesnt fit. Well on the B5 at least. Just hits the AC compressor line, and if I were to tighten it down something would need to bend. I didnt want to chance it so I used a stainless line for the return. The oil feed line barely fits, lots of tension on the hard line. I would feel more comfortable with a stainless line. The turbo compressor outlet is no where near "stock" location, so the FMIC didnt line up correctly. had to reverse the piping and do some home depot modding to get everything hooked up.

It did bolt up up to my test pipe and stock manifold without any hassles, so that was good. it was just the compressor and oil lines that sucked.

as for how it performs, I havent had to chance to really put it through paces yet. Im running Mika software which some members have said sucks balls, so I wanted to log AFR before I turned up the boost to 20-23psi. Its currently at 16psi. Im also still on stock clutch. Sadly when I went out to do some runs uphill on the pali, my wideband exhaust clamp fell off the damn car so I didnt get any readings. ordered another clamp so Im waiting on that before I do more WOT runs. I can telll you that at 16psi on the elim its alot faster than 16psi on a k03, not sure why though. maybe the k03 heats up the air more than the elim when compressing it? PV=nRT is what i remember from physics, not sure if that applies here[confused]

well not sure if this is the info your looking for, but if wanna come check it out and take it for a spin just let me know.

I also have a few extra parts you might want: 3" ATP inlet, ATP 3" MAF, South Bend OFE Stage 3 clutch, greentops, hump hose, diverters, etc.

09-28-2006, 09:24 PM
Damn, I should let you install my turbos, when I do go Stage 3 or higher.

09-29-2006, 12:19 AM
Hey James....Its cool that you decided to go BT instead of the K04. I guess I gotta see if the B6 is gonna have similar problems that you did.

There's a guy at the Audi dealership who has been running the GTRS on a B6 with Mika tuning for about a year. He said he hasn't had any problem. I'm gonna run the REVO software though.

Yeah at 16psi the 71R should be pushing a lot more air than the K03 so it should still be making a some good power. I was debating between the GTRS and GT71R but decided I'd give up a little high end for less lag.

I'd definitely be up for a test ride. You busy this weekend? Pm me your number cause I don't think i have it anymore.

Take it easy!