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09-17-2006, 03:59 PM
1999 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro
Here's the issue-

Timing belt broke in March.
so it needed a rebuild. Got the car back and the engine had no power. It feels like its not getting gas but it is. Replaced Ignition control Module, spark plugs cam shaft postioning sensor and Neutral safety switch. The engine seems to be running well but the main prolem is that the Exhaust manifold and Turbo are getting insanely hot. It got so hot that it melted my Turbo (melted the waste gate valve and cracked it all the way through) and melted the Cat converter and cracked my exhaust manifold. I replaced the Turbo and Cat converter but not yet replaced the manifold. I've checked all clamps and other easy checks. The shop that did the work is terrible and I need to take it somewhere else but I'm out of money and need to try and find a easier (non-costly) solution. Does anyone have any ideas of what would cause the Turbo and manifold to heat up that much and for the vehicle to just not have any power at all when going........its like I'm losing all my power and its somehow linked to the overheating of the Turbo and Manifold.....I know that its supposed to get hot but this is ridiculously hot, its not normal at all. The engine has the following codes still in staying on and the shop said they could not get them off- 1810/ 1602 Power Supply low, 17745/P1337 Cam positioning sensorshort, P0707 Trans Range signal low, 1624 Mill Call circuit on,1196 Heater Bank 1 sensor 1, ......... I just replaced the Cam positioning sensor and the O2 sensor but the codes are still staying on. I asked the shop if they checked the timing belt and they said the knotches lined right up........has anyone ever had this problem. DOes this have anything to do with the timing belt being off at all.... They said they made sure its lined up. Is there an easy way to check the timing on this car?

I would greatly appreciate anyones help or assitance.

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Well, I have no idea about this but I would check to make sure the turbo is getting proper coolant and oil as far as its overheating goes. Otherwise maybe you can pay to get a diagnosis at a dealership?