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09-14-2006, 08:21 PM
Hello everyone

First post here. Stumbled across a reference to this site at vwvortex and it seems to be the right place to ask some questions.

First off, I'm 18 and looking to buy a first car, and my family has owned vw's and audi's since before i was born so I'm quite fond of the good old german engineering. But I'm looking at a few cars I've found on automotive.com and need some performance-type questions answered, among others.

First off, I'm thinking I'd love to get an A4 Avant 1.8T and turn it into a sleeper of sorts. I've found a few in the tri-state area that are asking $7k-$9k for ~110k mi cars, high mileage doesnt bother me at all but is that a fair price for a stock, solid car?

I'm basically trying to keep it under $10k.

Also, from a performance/price/handling aspect, is the sedan or avant superior in any way, especially when it comes to weight?

I've pretty much made up my mind on the 1.8T, even though I havn't done much research on the V6. My dad has a 337GTI with the 1.8T in it and its been chipped and tuned and all sorts of things, and I just regard it as a gem of an engine. He also spends a HELL of a lot of his time tinkering and custom making parts for his GTI, so I know he'll be knowledgeable when it comes to any problems I run into. I'm also worried that with the V6 comes the added weight over the front wheels making it a negative when it comes to handling. Would I be making a good decision going for the 1.8T 5-speed?

Lastly, the '99 - '01 models come with the 150hp 1.8T if memory serves me correctly, and I'm worried that in its stock state it'll be damn slow trying to push 3000+ lbs. Am I worried for nothing, and are there any quick and easy ways to get a bit of power out of that engine that dont require tons of $$$? (I'm gunna do my best to save all winter and then start modding like crazy come spring.. chip, exhaust and light-weight flywheel are on the list, as well as a properly done suspension..)

Anyways, any help you guys could give me would be awesome. Also if there are any things I should watch out for or be concerned about, please feel free to let me know :D


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great car, the most important factor in any older vw/audi is previous maintenance records. mileage isnt' such a big deal, better to get a car that's a known quantity and has had it's history documented. these cars are pretty reliable overall but have several common wear points that are expensive and annoying [tbelt tensioners, control arms, abs pump, airbag system, coils to name a few]. and really they only stay fixed if they were fixed by someone that knows the cars very well and only with top-quality [read: oem german] parts.

all this you probabloy already know, if your dad's a dubhead..

IMO the 1.8 is a way better motor for someone that will play with it. the v6 is a better motor for someone looing for more of a luxury ride as it's smoother and quieter and torquier. but from folks ive talked to it's more $$ to maintaine and a total PITA to work on. the 1.8's a breeze cuz you can practically stand in the engine bay next to it. id say definitely get the 1.8...

allathatsaid.. the wagon is MUCH cooler, but the sedan has clear performance advantages. like 300lbs for one. but the rs4 grill looks so much more.. correct.. on the avant. =) again it depends on what you're doing with it day to day. i drive from SF to tahoe every weekend all winter to go riding and REALLY wish i got a wagon. they are a couple grand more $$ typically from what the ad's say. if you wanna go rule autox's then save yourself the handicap and get a sedan.

the later cars ad some kinks worked out and some new ones worked in.. i'd say get the best maintained car you can for the dough. i rolled the dice on a cheapish car with a questionble service history and have paid for it. a couple thou more up front probably wouldv'e gone to mods and not maintenance. oh well.. caveat emptor and alla that.

aight, back to work..