View Full Version : compass mirror: looking for 6pin female connector part #

03-27-2006, 02:47 PM
i purchased a b6 compass mirror/autodim for my 97 a4. (2nd one since the 1st one was a bust since it required a rainsensor button).

i ordered that parts that are listed in the link below, but didn't get the female 6 pin connector.

where can I find the female 6 pin connector? I ordered 4b0971833, but it was only the outside plastic housing and no 6 pin connector. I even called the audi dealer to see if I was missing something from the packaging and they said- no. it's only the housing. they don't sell just the insides. for that you need to buy a new harness.

I tried to goto radio shack and they don't have anything that small.