View Full Version : Broken Bolt

03-26-2006, 05:29 PM
I was driving the audi and noticed a smell. I took it home and looked under the car. The banjo nut for the coolant (on the turbo) was leaking coolant. Smelled pretty bad too.

I let the car cool and tried to get to the banjo nut. Couldn't do it. So I thought I would unbolt the turbo from the exhaust manifold. Got two bolts out and the third one sheared off. Great([headbang]

Ok, now how can I fix this without taking the turbo off? What grade, thread, size bolt do I need? Am I going to have to pull the turbo out and drill out the bolt, retap, and reinstall?

Someone come up with a better solution. I really don't want to drain the oil again. Would it really be that bad if I only had 2 bolts holding the turbo to the mani? J/K

03-27-2006, 08:14 PM
Just to let anyone who is searching know; If you have this problem, go to Sears and get a stud remover.

It looks just like a socket but it bites down on the stud. The more your torque it, the harder it bites and I just cranked on the stud until it came out. Not too bad. Better than going to a machine shop to drill it out. I had to retap but I would have had to do that anyway. Just FYI.