View Full Version : B6 A4: Wiring Dietz 1280, Dietz 1417, on/off switch, & ME3 player to RNS-E harness

03-19-2006, 02:53 PM
*Using an on/off switch is vital when using the ME3/1280 & nav. Nav will get messed up if the 1280 & ME3 is wired without this.

First off:
I wire tapped the power lead (red wire) from the 1280, power switch, and 1417 to the red power wire coming out of the wiring harness. Make sure you wire tap in this order, the 1280 power wire closest to the headunit then the power wire for the switch and finally the 1417 power wire behind the switch power wire.
The first pic does not show the 1417 power wire tap but the second pic does.

I wire tapped the black ground coming from the 1280 to the brown ground wire coming out of the wiring harness. I would suggest grounding both the 1280 and 1417 to another ground source though. If I were to do it again both units would be grounded to some other point near the area. It does not hurt anything with me grounding the 1280 to the ground from the rns-e wiring harness, but it's just better practice grounding to some other neutral point in the car.

Next, you need to cut the canbus high and low lines coming out of the RNS-E wiring harness. These are the first 2 yellow lines coming out of the rns-e wiring harness. I think they are pins #9 & 10, but just go by the pic. Remember which canbus yellow wire matches to which on the headunit side and car side of the rns-e harness when you cut the lines (Canbus high and low). Splice the top blue and yellow wires coming out of the 1280 harness to the car side of the rns-e harness......and the bottom blue and yellow wire to the headunit side of the rns-e harness.





Next we want to tap the video inputs from the 1417 to the canbus high and low lines on the headunit side of the rns-e harness. white goes to can high (top wire), and the green to the can low (second to top wire).


I wired the black ground wire coming out of the 1417 to a point above my glove box. I would wire the ground of the 1280 in a similar location, but not the same as the 1417. The purple wire coming out of the 1280 is the switch wire and need to go to a switch. The switch ground can be mounted near where you mount the switch. Remember the switch power is tapped in between the 1280 and 1417 power.

I tapped both power wires coming out of the ME3 external dvd player to the power and switch wires coming out of the switch. Constant to the purple 1280 switch wire and live 12v to the power wire going from the switch to the rns-e power. I grounded the ME3 on a "separate from all other grounds" area above the glove box.

And, you're all set. Have fun [:D] [a4]



*A shot goes out to Spencer for assisting me with this project