View Full Version : 80: ABS Problem

03-18-2006, 04:24 PM

Sorry for the long post but here goes...

I was wondering if any of you Audi 80 drivers may be able to point my father in the right direction with an issue he is having with his Audi 80.

When the car is started the car tests the ABS system (ABS light is on) and the test is passed (ABS light goes off).

If any pressure is then applied to the brakes the pedal judders underfoot as if the ABS is struggling. The ABS light then ignites on the dashboard indicating a fault with the ABS system. The car then disables the ABS.

Once the car has disabled the ABS the brakes work fine (obviously without the advantage of ABS).

He has tested each ABS sensor and they are showing resistance using a multimeter.

He has also tested the relays which operate the solenoids and these seem ok too.

What should he check next. Which order should he replace parts?

Thanks for your time