View Full Version : DATR Trophy Sponsorships... and a little twist!

03-11-2006, 09:13 AM
I just wanted to announce that we are offering trophy sponsorships to any shop, club, person or group that wants one (or more than one). The cost is $50 class (that is 2 trophies), and with that you will also be allowed 5 things in our goodie bags. You could use that to pass out coupons, flyers, event announcement, stickers, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

On top of that we are offering a "little guy" booth special right now too. We are looking for 10 shops to commit to a level 3 vendor package (minimum cost is $100) and on the 3rd of April, we will do a drawing. The winner of that drawing will be upgraded to the car show event sponor!! Tha package normally costs $700, but if we can help out a small shop by giving them big time advertising, then why not, right? You must commit to and pay for your booth by the 1st of April to qualify for the raffle and this is limited to a maximum of 10 shops, but we will do the drawing with a minimum of 4 if we have to.

You can download a copy of our sponsorship proposal here: click me (http://www.dubsalongtherockies.com/documents/06proposal.pdf)

03-27-2006, 05:51 PM
No bites on the Audi or Autocross classes yet... several VW classes have been scooped up though!