View Full Version : Good Alignment Shop

05-30-2019, 11:43 AM
I am around the Boston area but will travel some to get it done right

I need an alignment pretty bad. Place I went to did an ok job but they do not know Audi's, had them do it
as they were very recommended as they did every day drivers and also track cars. So they knew what they were doing.

Thing is on this car you need to adjust the subframe to dial it in and they did not touch it, so it was close.

Want to get it right this time. I know having adjustable arms would make things easier, thinking about them at some point. not now

Thank you for any suggestions.

06-05-2019, 05:32 AM
Most places will charge extra to slide the subframe if you want it dialed in. The dealership is another option. They will charge you extra (and then some) no matter what it needs. lol

If your place does alignments for the track, they should have absolutely no problem sliding the subframe for you. Special tools are not necessary - it's 4 bolts and some effort. Just tell them what you want and that you'll pay for it. Money talks.

As a courtesy to their customers, most shops will skip the subframe adjustment altogether as long as the cross-camber is not egregious. Sure they don't get the camber perfect, but they don't upset their customer with an upcharge either. Most people prefer that, but if that is not you - just tell them. They work for you. [up]