View Full Version : Erratic sound issues with Bose: amp or wiring?

02-06-2019, 07:01 PM
I have a 2001 a4 1.8t with Symphony head unit and Bose. Had dead battery after sitting out in cold a few months back so I jumped it. No issues. Next time it died I jumped it, went to use stereo and there was VERY loud and constant BOOOOP sound with all inputs that wouldn’t change volume with toggle..the only way to shut it off was to turn stereo off. Next time in the car it didn’t happen at first but 5 mins into the ride it started again. Happened on/off for a week then disappeared for a few weeks. Battery died again so I replaced it. Stereo worked normally for a month or two then one day randomly had no sound at all for about a week. Then sound came back but now ONLY through the rear deck speakers (nothing through all door speakers) and bass seems to be somewhat retained. I can toggle balance between L and R somewhat (but not fully) and fading front and back does nothing. It works fine for talk radio but not music! It’s been this way for over a month now. Head unit seems to be working perfectly with no loose connections in back. Fuses all good. Tried a battery disconnect. The only mod I’ve made to the sound system was an aftermarket aux adapter that replaces the cd changer, but that’s been working great for years.

Been reading forums which has led me to bad amp vs wiring with no good answers, nor has anybody described a problem where only the rear deck speakers work.

My question: is there something about this erratic behavior that would suggest wiring vs amp before I start taking things apart and buying stuff? Is head unit even ruled out? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks everyone.