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12-12-2018, 04:45 PM
Just a quick note about a recent experience I had changing the power steering lines to and from the rack.

The banjo bolts are a real pain in the ass to get back in to the rack due to clearance and odd ball tube bends.
If you don't have anyone helping you then you will likely drop the banjo bolt approximately 307 times while trying to get it back in (not to mention the time you drop it taking it out). You will also loose the washer seals a million times as well, etc....
Don't bother trying to put the new lines on without a top and bottom washer, it will likely leak if you do....if you loose them, head over to your Audi dealer, they will likely have them in stock (for obvious reasons).

I found a trick that helped me get the bolts started back in without loosing washers.

I put a banjo bolt in my vice, gripped on the bolt head.
Then put a washer on, the tube, then the next washer, then I took a very thin gauge copper wire and wrapped it around the thread of the bolt once to hold the assembly together and twisted it a few time leaving a few inches of wire hanging.
Then I was able to get the bolt started in the power steering rack a few turns, then pulled the copper wire out through the inspection hole in the front left wheel well using some needle nose pliers (need to pull down the small plastic cover in the wheel well first).
Then I could run the bolt up all the way in and tighten. Getting a torque wrench in there is not really feasible...I reused my washers (first time off, I would replace them if this is your second go around). I just snugged the banjo bolts good and no leaks were the result.

New banjo bolts from the audi dealer have an Allen head hole in them.....I guess lots of people bitched about how crappy the design of the system is in regards to repair and audi changed the banjo bolt design.
FYI....having the Allen head hole on the bolt doesn't help make it any easier to get the bolt back in, it's just as shitty.

Anyway...hope this helps anyone who has leaky power steering hoses and not 4 hours to waste trying to get the bolts back in without any help.
With the wire trick I had the bolts started within 10 minutes of dicking with it....much better method.

Oh....and make sure you don't strip the bolt hole on the rack......you will be replacing your rack if you do.....or you can drive around with no power steering.....who the fuck needs power steering right?

Also, bleeding can take a little longer then the service manual says...just follow the instructions and be patient, run the car for a few days before getting concerned.

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12-12-2018, 04:52 PM
I avoided changing my lines for quite awhile even though I had a leak...but then it just got to bad to ignore. I could have just cut and spliced the hose I guess....but I decided to do the right thing and waste 4 hours of my life trying to fix an Audi.....again.
So I gave up on it after busting my ass (hand hands and arms) trying to get the new lines back in and came back a few days later with the wire idea.....worked like a champ.

Figured there are lots of mini me's out there also avoiding changing the lines because it also appears to them to be a serious pain in the Audi ass...so I figured it would be a good idea to share.