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12-09-2018, 09:24 AM
Thought Iíd start a new thread on these instead of adding to the Bilstein Thread.

Took the car in to Autohaus Dubai this morning for the install and a few pictures of the kit, I didnít have time to stick around for the full install so no pics of them going on the car but I will add to this thread with installed pictures once the job is complete.

The Damper kit came supplied in 3 boxes, the front and rear dampers, springs and a box of parts and rear spring height adjusters which included my DRC delete kit.




Unboxing the dampers, the first thing that I noticed was the weight, these are really very light weight. Both front and rear are an inverted strut which means all the working parts and oil are at the top of the damper, this helps reduce weight down at the wheel.








We ran into a few issues with the DRC, the guide for removing and depressurising the system is for the older RS4 type system, the modern DRC requires a special Audi test kit to depressurise. We got around this by slowly cracking open the nuts and allowing the system to drain. Blanking caps are part of the delete kit. The delete kit looked very familiar, more on that later.

We also needed to replace the front suspension long pinch bolts but Iíd forgot to order these so a call to Audi had them on their way.

Also the rear spring required the OE rubber lower pad which is removed when I installed the KW H.A.S kit, with no access to my old springs and rubber pads we had to order these too, so thereís a delay while we wait for parts, all my fault though.

The DRC delete kit looked very similar to the KW kit all the same items in the ÷hlins marked box and then when I unwrapped the ECU


My suspicions were correct.

Hopefully weíll have all the parts in by tomorrow, finish the install, align the wheels and road test it.

Iíll report back.

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12-12-2018, 09:44 AM
Hi James
May I ask why youíre replacing the Billys?

12-13-2018, 10:38 PM
Iíve come to ÷hlins from the OE DRC dampers with KW H.A.S Springs, didnít have the Bilsteins on this car, my second choice would have been Bilstein iRC. ÷hlins has always been number one for suspension but until this R&T Kit was developed, they were more track focused than street and I really wanted something that maintained comfort whilst improving handling.

Full review here: https://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/831119-PSS10-competitor-New-Ohlins-R-amp-T-for-B8/page2

Ape Factory
12-14-2018, 09:02 AM
Curious if they came with a shock dyno printout showing the rebound and compression damping curves? Pretty sure you would have posted that but just in case!