View Full Version : 2.8 rear diff swap?

12-05-2018, 05:11 PM
I feel like there was a reason guys were swapping in 2.8 auto rear diffs for some reason or another, can anyone advise (didn't find in search)


12-06-2018, 06:56 AM
All automatic B5 A4 diff are the same. They have a 4.11 final drive ratio. Manual B5 S4 also use a 4.11 rear diff.
All manual B5 A4 use the same rear diff with 3.89 final drive. Automatic B5 S4 use a 3.89 final drive.

This is for US market. Europe also got some B5's with 4.55:1 final drive.

12-06-2018, 08:43 AM
My man. So I feel like people wanted these for 01E swaps perhaps?