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11-28-2018, 09:03 PM
Hey everyone, first Audizine post and I'm looking for your help.

I've been researching and looking into buying an S5 for some time now. I'm trying to get a list put together of common problems and things to watch for that are specific to the 4.2 and/or S5. I think I have a decent list so far, but am looking for some clarification or maybe there is something I'm missing.

Clutch is sticky or doesn't release from the floor when shifting quickly.
Issue with slave cylinder where clutch pedal needs to be depressed more than normal for the car to start. (slave cylinder sensor thing)
coolant reservoir cracking.
Catalytic Converter (recall) but were the O2 sensors replaced at the same time?
Carbon buildup maintenance.
Timing chain issue. Sounds like it isn't an issue in the S5 like it was in the B6 and B7 S4's?

I'm also curious if the clutch issues were only in the 08 and 09 models. That's kind of what I was hearing early on, but after more research it sounds like maybe not? Were any of the clutch issues ever made a recall by Audi?

I know people say you really need to get the sport diff because it makes a huge difference. Are there any other options I should keep an eye out for, good or bad?

Any information or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

11-29-2018, 11:25 AM
I have had my S5 for about 1 year so my knowledge is all it could be but...

As far as I know the clutch issuse were 08 early 09, mine is automatic.

I havent had a coolant resovoir crack but have heard it common and a fairly cheap, easy fix.

Cats were replaced under the recall, no O2 sensors replaced. I have heard of some people having sensor issues after the recall. Seems the dealer wont cover them, but people have shown a VCDS scan from when the car was dropped off at the dealer and seem to have gotten covered or discounted. My Milltek catback wasn't a problem for the dealer but it can be hit or miss.

I can't say for sure on the carbon buildup, I am at 93k miles and have the symptoms. I will open it up after the holidays and see how it looks.

Timing chains dont seem to be a problem on the S5.

That's about all I can offer, hopefully someone with more knowledge will correct me if I am wrong...

11-29-2018, 04:19 PM
Thanks RS5ish, glad to hear you're confirming the clutch issues are most likely an 08 09 thing and timing chains aren't a problem on the S5.