View Full Version : Audi A4 B5 Engine Ticking After Oil Change and Valve Cover Gasket Change

11-12-2018, 02:36 PM
Hi there,
Today I did an oil and filter change, as well as taking off the valve cover to replace the leaky gasket beneath on my 1.8T. Result? No leaks! And a ticking noise from my injectors... [mad]
It is a rhythmic clicking/ticking coming from what seems to be the injectors directly or just below them. I am unsure what it could be, as all I changed/did was take off the valve cover and an oil change. Taking off the valve cover did require some pushing against the injector cables and pushing back the metal coolant? or air? pipe next to/behind the engine. Maybe these have come loose, though I checked them all over. I did notice that all 4 of my coil packs have cracks around the bolt holes, but I don't think that would effect it.
Car still runs normally and haven't noticed a difference, though I have only driven about 50m cause I don't want to cause damage.
Any help or ideas what the check are greatly appreciated!
Cheers, Tim