View Full Version : 82mm Piston Options

10-26-2018, 08:11 AM
I am considering either JE 9.25/1 82mm pistons, or Wiseco 9/1 82mm pistons for my block build I am currently doing. It looks like the Wiseco are around $150 cheaper than the JE (after purchasing skirt coating) as the Wiseco comes with skirt coating, the JE are $100 more for the coating. I am totally fine spending the extra cash, and have been planning to buy JE. I am mainly curious what justifies the extra cost? Or if I am perhaps missing something as far as the details. I've included links to both pistons below. Thanks!!

Wiseco: https://www.performancebyie.com/wiseco-1-8t-20v-piston-sets-stock-stroke-86-4mm

JE: https://www.performancebyie.com/je-1-8t-20v-piston-sets-stock-stroke-86-4mm