View Full Version : $130: Gauging interest for custom made coolant underpipe conversion kits

A1 A2 German
10-17-2018, 10:52 PM
This is simply a feeler to gauge interest, if you are on the fence still chime in, if you are one to always back out when it comes to payment do not add yourself.

The A1 and A2 German hard pipe undermount kit: This kit is extremely practical for many reasons, moving the 'over the manifold coolant pipe' to underneath the intake manifold, cleaning up the bay, also, preventing you from having to crack open your coolant system each time you wrench. It's ridiculous each time decide to remove your intake manifold...you need to drain your coolant. The convenience of just easily unbolting the intake manifold to access the head, block, alternator, belts, without losing a drop of G12 coolant is awesome. You can access all knock sensors, oil cooler assembly, block breather, electrical, dipstick assembly, entire powersteering system, accessory bracket, etc, with out ever opening up the coolant.

This kit also rids your B5 of the leak prone, ridiculous twin 10mm / ~35mm o-ring union towards the back of the head. The kit will include the new rear head conversion flange, silicone coupling, hard pipe with tig welded barbs, etc and intended to be a drop in kit.

This kit is designed to delete/bypass the heater core to rid of clutter, however figured out tonight how to easily add it (details later, buyer will have to acquire a x1 newer model A4 heater hose, x1 3 way t fitting, and ~1' of coolant hose. No cutting, chopping, or modifying of the kit is required, won't be included yet will supply part #'s and diagram...easy stuff). It's actually more work for me to modify to bypass the heatercore....but that's the idea of the kit for cleanliness.

This is intended for use with an oem car (oem layout).

Take's it from this (side res black hose slips under the intake manifold now):


To this:


Please Note: The picture represents everything in true form except you will still have the turbo coolant line that travels in front of the head, I have a coolant-less turbo so I have no line yet there will be the barb for you. This kit incorporates the use of your oem reservoir...or add something else like me...won't effect my kit, all that's required is the appropriate length hose from the coolant pipe to reach where ever your reservoir is..if you place your res tank in your battery tray you can do so.