View Full Version : Gt3582r upgrade from hx35 suggestions

09-26-2018, 09:30 PM
I'm wanting to upgrade from my hx35 7 blade at 40psi. It's got a massive 1.16ex ar or 16cm... the get is way smaller with an 82r ex housing single scroll. Supposedly they had tested twin scroll housing and there was very little difference so they don't offer it to match my manifold. Everything installed can take it aside from my head springs and retainers that I've never wanted to waste the money on. So... Spool wise... Right now I get 30psi(highest my gauge goes) at like 4500 in second and up.

Any ideas? Obviously I could search but I'd rather start fresh given it's not like I have a k03 and it's just a dream. Mike hood has one does he not? I'm still 1.8 and that's not gonna change. It's a twisted motion turbo.



What I have now is 56 76 compressor and if I remember correctly 58 64...

Supposedly the housings are cast in China and everything else is machined in the US plus they will sell you rebuild kits unlike comp turbo which was the biggest waste of money ever and will never be rebuilt. The whole turbo is 460$...... That's the only reason I would upgrade. Unless an hx40 is similar in size but I don't think it is. A super 40 wouldn't be worth the gains I don't believe.

09-29-2018, 11:01 PM
I was wrong.. it's 12^2 ar housing which is 12cm not 16.. so that's .70ar. So if I got an .82 gt3583r it would have a larger undivided housing with a way bigger turbine so it would spool way slower.... leading to .63 making more sense theoretically, but it would just run out of breathe I imagine. That's a huge turbine for such a small ex ar. I don't know why, but the casting looks ten times bigger on my hx35 then the .82ar of the gt35... Is that presumably to accommodate it being a divided housing?

09-30-2018, 09:50 AM
Learned this a while back, before I started getting into modding The Peasant Mobile. When it comes to the Area/Ratio (A/R) of turbine housings, .63 A/R is better for the street and .82 A/R is better for the track. But with tech nowadays, those principles get tossed out the window (ie billet wheels on. .63 A/R housing won't run out of breathe up top). Even when it comes to compressor maps with compression ratio, people have made more HP to the wheels (cast...not billet) more than what the turbos are rated for even with cast wheels. Mike Hood proved it with making 630whp (wheels slipping on dyno) with his GT3582R on the old cast wheel (before the billet wheel tech) with messed up wheels. Turbo is rated for maybe 680 lbs/min (1.8L out of the CR on the map to "supposedly" make that power) and he ran a standalone on race gas.

Then in the B6 A4 section wet0willy01 made the same HP on a billet wheeled GT35R on pump gas and meth (upgraded rods, stock pistons, and not sure what was done to the head). I would conjecture it really comes down to creativity nowadays. Better the tune, the more power can be made. For better spool, that would also come down to tune. Better fueling, more room to play with the tune.

Perfect example of what I am referring to is how the BW EFR units have over 1 A/R, yet can grant full spool (25+psi) by 3.5k rpm. Meanwhile, the billet wheel 5152 I run reaches maybe 10-15 psi at that rpm (completely stock block, minus upgraded rods).

I would maybe contact both wet0willy01 and Mike Hood and get their inputs, since they both run that turbo with different configurations. Mike Hood runs 2008cc with cast wheel on standalone engine management. Wet0willy01 runs stock displacement with billet wheel (HTA GT35R).

*for disclaimer, I am far from knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff. I simply know what I know, which isn't much at all*